Ken Knowlton: Mosaics
USA (1931 - 2022)
computer graphics pioneer
mosaic portraitist

"Ken Knowlton's coarse-grained pointillism is pure visual magic..."

(from Douglas R. Hofstadter's foreword to Al Seckel's
Masters of Deception: Escher, Dali, and the Artists of Optical Illusion
Sterling Pub, NY 2004)

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_______________Physical Mosaics_______________
Seashells as Pixels
Liberated Seashells
Dominoes, Dice & Other Tesserae

Alphabetic Portraits
Puzzle Folk
& Magicians
Collages &
Misc. Media
Various Diptychs,
Pairs & Murals
Jacques Cousteau
Statue of Liberty
Joseph Scala
Barack Obama
Lennart Green
Roberto Giobbi

Paean to Evolution_Paean to Evolution

Abraham Lincoln
Jackie O.
Martin Gardner
Lazarus & Liberty
Will Shortz
Richard Saul Wurman
Click and Clack_Click and Clack
Uncle Sam
Slave "Jack"
Scot Morris
J. S. Bach
Douglas McKenna
Bird of Paradise
Studies in Perception #1
Benjamin Franklin
Eleanor Roosevelt
Albert Einstein
Helen Keller
Mark Setteducati
Nicholas Jensen
Time travel with Einstein_Time travel with Einstein
Statue of Liberty
Norma Jean
Aaron Feuerstein
9/11: In Memorium
Solomon Golomb
Granddaughter Stephanie
Mona Lisa, two versions_Mona Lisa, two versions
Buzz Aldrin
Thomas Edison
Not Not a Teapot
Samuel F. B. Morse
Allan Boardman
Self Portrait (triangles)
American Gothic, ver 1_American Gothic, ver 1
An Wang
Elvis Presley
E = mc2
Jerry Slocum
Self Portrait (archipelago)
American Gothic, ver 2_American Gothic, ver 2
Mark Twain
Bert Herzog
UN Declaration of Human Rights
Robert Wainwright
Self Portrait (maze bits)
Human Rights and Wrongs_Human Rights and Wrongs
Carl Machover
About the Artist
Web Site by Rick Knowlton